Hot Trend Alert: High Neck Swimsuits are Here to Stay.

Who says coverage can’t be sexy?

Beach fashion has come a long way. So many styles come and go, but there is one swimsuit trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. High Neck Swimsuits are all the rage and are more versatile than ever. Once widely popular to the sporty beach babes, this growing bathing suit trend is spreading to all body types and fashion genres from the full coverage One Piece to itsy-bitsy bikinis.

Now let’s be honest,  the high neck style might not work for everyone, but with so many options to choose from, almost anyone can rock this look!  These shoulder baring tops are perfect to highlight the collar-bone area and show off those kettle bell exercise results from you’ve been dying to flaunt.

Since we come in so many fabulous shapes and sizes, we handpicked some of our favorite picks for 2017 that will suit our different tastes and body shapes.

The High Neck One Piece – When your shoulders are your most prized possession, but you still want more coverage on your in the middle.

Profile by Gottex Marble High Neck One Piece


Becca Prairie Rose High Neck One Piece – PilyQ Safari Reversible Seamless Wave One PieceLa Blanca Tropicali Plunge High Neck


The “Stay Put” High Neck Bikini.  This one is for the active babe.  These High Neck Bikinis are tailored to keep the girls locked up during your sandy sports.  These designers have perfected the art of sporty chic.  Check out our top picks for the season.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A Eco Earth Amber Bikini – Vitamin A Symmetry Mesh Celine  Bondi Bikini – Vitamin A Vermillion Perfection Bikini

L* Space

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See all High Neck Bikinis from the 2017 L*Space collection

Body Glove

We absolutely adore these vibrant colors and modern prints.  Body Glove is well loved for their sporty look and fit.  These fab bikini styles are a must have for the most rigorous beach activities.  Support and function for even the curviest athlete.  No wardrobe malfunctions here!


If Sporty isn’t your cup of tea, and you are going for a more “Boho” look, try a crochet style or one of these feminine prints.

Cut-outs, Cleavage and Crochet…Oh My!

The sexier side of the high neck trend.

Who says you have to cover your cleavage under the high neck?  These styles offer a more sultry look under peek-a-boo cut outs or intricate crochet details.  Animal prints and florals add to the sexy feel of these gorgeous swimsuits.


Must See Beaches of 2017

Happy 2017, Beach Babes!

With each new year, we always get excited for all the amazing trips we want to plan for the year. Being bikini obsessed, we tend to coordinate coastal vacations but it also doesn’t help that we’ve been stuck in a Winter Wonderland for a few months & are craving warmer weather. With that being said, we’ve rounded up all the must see beaches of 2017 & put your bikini packing list together for you.

Ipanema Beach | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I mean, weren’t bikinis pretty much invented here? We’ve been dying to head to Brazil since seeing models like Izabel Goulart, Candice Swanepoel & Allesandra Ambrosio galavanting around town ( & the beaches).

Maya Bay | Ko Phi Phi, Thailand


Fun fact: this beach served as the backdrop for the movie The Beach. If it’s good enough for Leo, it’s good enough for us! But seriously, have you ever seen water this clear before?

El Castillo | Tulum, Mexico


We are obsessed with the idea of this beach – Mayan ruins & crystal clear waters? Count us in! Don’t forget to explore the cenotes while you’re down there. This is a bucket list destination for sure!

Whitehaven Beach | Whitsunday Island, Australia


Did you know the sand here is one of the whitest in the world – it doesn’t retain heat due to its silica composition? This beach is also one of the most exclusive as you can only get here by plane or boat.

Elafonisi Beach | Crete, Greece


So this beach is really more like a lagoon but we’re not complaining. You can actually walk through the lagoon to a little island during low tide & explore the historic lighthouse & chapel. Did you know the sands here are pink? So cool!

Anse Source d’Argent | La Digue Island, Seychelles

anse-source-dargent-seychelles Did you know this beach is one of the most photographed in the world? We can totally see why!

Matira Beach | Bora Bora, French Polynesia


This beach is incredible – it’s literally like 1 big swimming pool. I was lucky enough to honeymoon here & Bora Bora has quickly become my favorite destination. The water is so many shades of blue, warm & crystal clear. This is a must see!

Here’s what we’re packing!


South Beach Swimsuits

Best Swimsuit Material for Swimming Workouts

If you taking your swimming seriously, it is important to make sure that the swimsuits worn are durable and comfortable. When choosing a swimsuit for swimming workouts,  the material of the suit is the most important factor for finding a swimsuit that will hold it’s shape, remain comfortable, and last as long as possible.

The three most common and basic types of materials used for swimsuits are nylon, Lycra, and polyester.

We’ve listed the pros and cons of each swimsuit material below to help you choose the best swimsuit fabric for your swimming lessons.

Basic Fabrics

1) Nylon –

Nylon is the most common material for swimsuits and is found in almost all suits.


  • Strong and durable material
  • Holds a snug fit on the body


  • Exposure to sun and chlorine will cause the colors in the suit fade over time
  • Elasticity wears thin over time

2) Spandex / Elastane (Lycra)

This material is found in most suits because it is comfortable to wear and is very flexible.


  • Stretch material
  • Moves with body well
  • Soft and Comfortable


  • Does not hold up well to repeated exposure to chlorine
  • Will eventually lose its elasticity and sag

3) Polyester

Price Range: High

Polyester based swimsuits are mostly used for training swimsuits due to the duration and strength of the fabric. Athletic and swimwear brands like TYR’s Durafast and Nike’s Polyester suits are primarily polyester.

  • Holds strength over time
  • Durable and withstands chlorine
  • Lasts a very long time


  • Less commonly found in department stores
  • Less stretchy
  • Thicker and less breathable

It is rare to find suits that are made from only one of these materials. Most suits feature a combination to benefit from the best attributes of each fabric. The basic fabric blends are the most affordable. However, cheaper swimsuits from department or clothing stores like Target, Walmart, and fashion stores are typically lower in quality and will lose their shape very quickly.

Blended Fabrics

Price Range: Highest

New fabrics have been created to make swimsuits that are both comfortable and flexible as well as long lasting. These latest technologies include Polyester PBT, Xtra Life Lycra, and branded technologies by the top athletic and swim companies.

Xtra Life Lycra

This material is an improved version of regular Lycra designed especially for swimwear. Many swimwear brands like Speedo and Reebok have swimsuits with about 20% XtraLife Lycra.
- Comfortable and stretchy like regular Lycra
- Withstands chlorine
- Will still eventually lose shape after extended wear
- Garment will hold shape and elasticity longer

Poly PBT

Poly PBT is a new variation of polyester with more stretch. Speedo’s Endurance line and Kiefer’s Aqualast suits are 50% polyester and 50% PBT. These suits have the durability of regular polyester plus:

  • Quick drying
  • Low water absorbency
  • Withstands chlorine and holds color pigment
  • More stretch, flexibility, and comfort

Branded Technologies

Most swimwear manufacturers, such as Nike and Speedo have introduced their own branded fabric blends. The attributes of these fabrics vary by brand, but most claim to be:

  • Chlorine resistant
  • Comfortable and stretchy
  • Long lasting
  • Retains shape and fit
  • Lightweight and fast drying

Some examples of these branded fabrics are Kiefer XLA, Nike NX and Performance Poly, or Arena Waterfeel. These materials were developed by the brands individually and are only available through their retailers.

If you want a swimsuit that will last a long time, which is especially important if you plan on spending a lot of time in the water during the summer, whether for fun, swim lessons or training, we recommend a polyester or polyester blend swimsuit because it is the most durable. While polyester may be more expensive than nylon and lycra, this is the best swimsuit material because it will hold up much longer, resulting in better long term value.

Best Bikinis For Tiny Ta Ta's

Swimsuits that bring out your bust

Let’s face it, boobs have a life of their own

Some weeks, they’re fuller than usual. Others, it seems as though they’ve shrunk overnight. With summer fast approaching, we’ve been on the search for what kinds of bikini are best for smaller breasts and tips for how to wear them to your best advantage.

Bathing suit shopping, is comparable to Black Friday shopping. Aka, most of us absolutely hate it and always feel defeated before, during, and after the process. We end up asking ourselves, “Why, why did you just put yourself through that?” It can sometimes seem like nothing will ever fit, and while you wish you’ed majored in design and knew how to sew, that’s not the world most of us live in. Most of us live a world which our boobs decide how they want to look and feel on any given day.

Aside from wanting your boobs to look great in a bikini, we also want them to feel comfortable.Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a too-loose bikini:

*Raises hand aggressively.*

While we love it when at times when our busts are in small size mode (we can go braless and wear a plunging shirt without the fear of having a nip slip), there are times when we want a little extra oomf. Luckily for us and others, there are some tips and tricks out there to wearing a bikini with small boobs. These are our favorites.

Support is KEY!!!

Tommy Bahama Orchid Canopy Bra Top Bikini

The Tommy Bahama Orchid Canopy Bra Top Bikini has a glamorous tropical floral print with an underwire top, mesh overlay on straps and a skirted bottom.

Trust me, an underwire and a tiny push-up can make all the difference. Plus, you’ll feel super secure, meaning you can ride those waves and cannon ball into the pool without any problems.

Frills and Thrills

Did you know that ruffles, frills, and extra material can actually fake a little more size, if that’s the look you’re after? Adding a little more detail is not only super fun, but can create the illusion of depth and fullness.

Take the Plunge

Rather than picking a suit with a lot of fabric at the neckline, a super low-cut option can actually scoop up

Tommy Bahama Pearl Solid Halter Twist Front One Piece In Vivid Blue

The Tommy Bahama Pearl Solid Shirred Twist Front Bandeau One Piece In Vivid Blue has a flattering fit with a tummy control panel and a glam look for style.

your boobs and add a little cleavage action. Plus, you’ll be following one of 2017’s biggest trends.

Keep Your Center Focused

Whether it’s a bow, embellishment, or a piece of fun fabric, having a center detail can actually make it look like your breasts are being drawn in closer to one another, thus giving you more cleavage. Plus, it means you get to bling out your bathing suit.

Bandeau Is For You!

This is one of my favorite styles of bikini tops. I love to show off my shoulders, and a bandeau top usually

Gottex Blush Saltwater Happy Underwire Bandeau Bikini

The Gottex Blush Saltwater Happy Underwire Bandeau Bikini offers a bandeau style top with hook back closure offered in D, E and F cup and skirted full bottom.

does just that. One of the biggest benefits of having small boobs is being able to wear this style bra and bikini top without worrying about support.

Go Strappy

The more detail, the better. I love me a double strap bikini with crisscross detailing, which offers the illusion of fuller boobs. It also happens to look super edgy, so you’ll get major style points for that, too.

Whether you’ve got a big bust, small bust, a big booty, or you name it, there is a suit out there for you. Comfort is the most important thing, and these tips should definitely help you find your perfect fit.

Source: Cosmopolitan 2017 Trends

Image courtesy: The Home Remedy Shop

The Latest Tankini Trends – WOW!

Love ’em or Hate ’em the Tankini is here to stay.

One of the most horrifying experiences regardless of a woman’s size is swimsuit shopping. It is the thing most women hate shopping for, for a number of reasons both obvious and not-so. Fashion is used to accentuate our figures and to help us camouflage our “flaws,” but swimwear seems to highlight our flaws and there is nowhere to hide while wearing one. Coupled with the standard

Coupled with the standard rigors of fitting room anxiety (including unflattering lights and crook-eyed sales

Miraclesuit Purr-Fection Crossover With Mesh

The Miraclesuit Purr-Fection Crossover With Mesh one piece is the perfect suit for the animal instincts in you with a vneck front and figure flattering design. The only swimsuit that makes you look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds. Miraclesuit swimwear delivers fit, form, and function to show off your beautiful curves – and your confidence. Made with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ spandex for a long lasting fit.

associates), swimsuit shopping can be a downright panic-ridden experience. If you happen to be a plus-size woman, the shopping experience horror is infinitely higher. Going to the department store, digging through racks trying and praying there will be — by some miracle — a swimsuit in your size that is flattering and trendy generally ends in disappointment.

Caribbean Joe Bimini Road The Bluff Tankini

The Caribbean Joe Bimini Road The Bluff Tankini believes in the island spirit this tankini with its tropical colors surely does just that.

One way to avoid the discomfort of brick-and-mortar plus-size swimwear shopping is by shopping online. By shopping at specialty sites, you can find the hottest trends, such as the popular tankini with a selection of bottom options from the high-cut brief, to the boy-short or swim skirt.

You can find the style that best fits your body-type and makes you feel most comfortable. Also, online

Anita Comfort Pure Stripes Teresa One Piece

The Anita Comfort Pure Stripes Teresa One Piece is a very flattering v neck suit that creates a slimming silhouette with modern pattern.

shopping retailers often offer a body type calculator to help you narrow down the style that will best suit you. The reality is this: online shopping has made it easier to find your size, instead of digging through racks that most likely only have one or two items in your size in stock to begin with. Another bonus for shopping online is reading the reviews from other shoppers, and perusing testimonials of other shoppers who will inform you about fit, comfort, and of course quality.

The key to feeling comfortable in swimwear is all about fit. As mentioned before the tankini has been a popular style for years in plus-sized swimwear, not least of all because it is flattering on many body types, yet is still trendy and best of all it allows plus size women to hide some of their problem areas they are not so comfortable with. Another trend that has become more popular this year has been the high-waisted bikini, this style is a super trendy option in plus-sized swimwear for those that aren’t afraid to show a little skin. This style also has a great retro feel to it that takes us back in time, to the halcyon days of the ‘50s pinup girls like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, when curves were appreciated and very much in style.

Plus-sized women know how difficult it can be to find trendy, flattering clothing and swimwear, but there are great websites that are designed to keep up on the trends for us more curvy gals and share with us where we can find them. is all about keeping the curvy, fashion-savvy lady up to day on the latest fashions, while also discusses fashion in a more general sense, offering tips, tricks, and trend info to plus size gals looking to score some points in the style department. Both sites offer great content, advice, and ideas, if you’re looking for some.

Of course, the only way to actually browse for swimsuits online is to visit a retailer. Why not start your search at Southbeach Swimsuits, a site that caters exclusively to plus size beauties. Their 2017 styles are already in store and we have a price match guarantee!

The lesson to take away is that plus-sized swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be the painfully agonizing experience of the past. Shop from the comfort of your home, from companies that understand your unique form, and you’ll be much happier and more relaxed about the whole process. Trust an online retailer, or better yet visit one directly here: . Don’t just let your inner beauty shine, but let your curvaceous outer beauty shine as well.

How to Protect Your Bathing Suit from Pool Chemicals

Proper bathing suit care can greatly extend the life of your bathing suit.

Many people swim in pools or bathe in hot tubs that use harsh chemicals like chlorine to kill bacteria, but also are hard on bathing suits. This article will show you how to protect your bathing suit from pool chemicals. By taking the following steps you can protect your swimwear.

Hand wash your bathing suit as soon as possible after each swim. Use a mild liquid detergent.

Place your bathing suit in a sink full of cool water with a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Swirl it around gently until it is clean, wring it out, and then rinse it well in another sink full of cool water. Wring it out again before placing it to dry.

Pay close attention to washing the bra area of your swimsuit if you exercised in it. Sweat and natural oils from your skin can reduce the elasticity of the fabric. Plain water will not remove pool chemicals from your bathing suit, so be sure to use soap.

Do not wash your suit in a washing machine. Washing machines break down the material of your bathing suit and cause piling.

Lay your bathing suit out flat to dry or hang your bathing suit to dry in your bathroom or on a drying rack. Do not hang it to dry in the sun or dry it in a clothes dryer.
Both the sun and the clothes dryer break down the material of your bathing suit.

Give your bathing suit at least 24 hours between uses. Your bathing suit needs this time to regain its original shape. Make sure your bathing suit is completely dry before reuse.
It is a good idea to have a few bathing suits so you can alternate use if you swim frequently.


Video courtesy of Pool Moz the leading-edge pool equipment company.

Find Your Fit

The woman who finds the suit that fits her shape and you find a happy woman.

We’ve resolved to put an end to the fear and frustration that come with swimsuit shopping.

Swimsuits that flatter “the girls”

Sunsets Monaco Bardot Underwire Bikini

This ultra feminine bikini by Sunsets offers bra style top accommodating bust sizes from D to G cup. Paired with a matching full bottom.

When it comes to putting your “girls” in the lime light, swimsuits take the lead. But what about those of us who do not feel that this is our best asset? If you are feeling a little less then loved in that department, we have you covered…so to speak.

A swimsuit puts your girls on stage, front and center. We did our research and found the swimsuit styles that are designed to enhance what you have whether it is overabundance or less than ample.

Lean, long and limber

If your shape leans towards the more athletic side, what my grandmother use to call boyish, then you need a suit that creates curves and boosts your bustline. You want to look for two-piece prints with ruffles or fringe; both will emphasize the bust and hips. If you must go with a one-piece chose one with padded cups and side cutouts giving the illusion of curves and girls!

Is Your Fruit a Pear?

If pear is more your shape, your suit needs to be all about balancing. Swim skirts in solid color bottoms and a print top are a great way to draw the eye up and down play the hips and rear. When looking for a one piece, again chose solid colors but look for one shoulder design or a key hole cut that draws attention to your décolletage.

An Apple a Day

If your fruit type happens to be apple your suit syle needs to be all about the middle. No matter if you’re busty or hippy you want a suit to give the illusion of a smaller waist. The bandeau or tankini top does just that. Both styles will draw attention to your chest and shoulders while simultaneously minimizing your waist. The choice of brightly colored, detailed bottoms help by creating interest. When choosing a one-suit look for high-cut legs and avoid halters tops at all costs.

For those of you who are an apple but also are blessed with an abundance of TaTa’s, it’s all about support! First the good, halter tops the bad, triangle tops. Check out suits that are bra size based and lines that cater to large busts. Lands’ End, has a Swim Resource Guide that provides education on swim bra support (I would suggest that you create a similar guide to this one. If not you should take this reference out)

When Your Blessings Fall Lower

Mikoh Lanikai Miyako Bikini in Bone

The Mikoh Lanikai Miyako Bikini in Bone features a macrame front unpadded halter top that ties around the neck. The bottoms are a lowrise skimpy thong cut.

If you smaller on top, look for suits that are triangular in shape and suits with padding. Again this is a suit that can be shopped by bra size. Most lines have varying levels of push-up and padding options. You can choose from the super enhanced to the sexy but can still play volleyball in variety.

Our pick for this shape is (you will need to fill in the suits that fall into this range)

When you have found your perfect suit but you are still nervously waiting for bathing suit season, there is always the tried and true, plan B…Popsugar has an excellent section called the Beach Body Countdown #BikiniBody. A combination of the perfect fit and some time at the gym will have you sporting a new suit and a new attitude this summer.