How to have “Happy Bathing Suit Marrige”

Basic bathing suit rules you must follow to be happy in your swimsuit

Bathing suit season may be a distant memory at the moment, but come it will and prepared you should be! What should be fun and relaxing is often the cause of anxiety and angst, but it doesn’t have to be. The single best of advice we can give you when searching for the elusive “perfect suit” find one you’re actually comfortable in!

Along with that piece of sage advice we have a few tips to help find the perfect suit for you, as well as a few “don’t even think about it” tips.

Stop Settling When You Are Shopping For A Swimsuit

It may be one of the hardest tips to follow but fight the temptation to “settle” for a suit. The “it kinda fits” suit is the death knell of a suit that you will hate by the end of the summer, or sooner. So take your time and make the time to really choose a style that fits your body and your sense of style, then buy 3 of them!

So, start early and keep looking you may not find anything the first time or even the second and third, but keep looking until you find something that you do fall in love with. This is one of the many reasons why online shopping is so useful, no wasted time traveling from store to store.

Wear What Fits You

There are truly few things that are less attractive than a beautiful woman in a swimsuit that does not fit. If you wear one that is too small for your body, physics will ultimately win out, and the inevitable and unlovely bulge will appear, usually in the most unflattering way. Aside from that wearing a swimsuit that is too small is just uncomfortable and often constricting, now who needs that?

The other side of that coin is the saggy suit syndrome. We’ve all seen them, you come out of the pool, and the crotch is around mid-thigh, the top has sunk to a dangerously low and you have to avert your eyes to avoid seeing the ensuing, unintentional peep show.

Here’s a tip, a bathing suit should fit you snugly but not be constricting, oh and just because it fit last year it will still fit this year. Make sure you pull your suit out of storage before that first beach party and do a fit check.

Experimenting with new styles and types of swimwear like this purple tankini is essential to finding what looks best on you.

Learn To Love The New

The Beach Riot Onyx Top and Exposed High Waisted Bottom Bikini is a stylish high waisted laser cut bottom and top with nude mesh detail in the high neck.

The Beach Riot Onyx Top and Exposed High Waisted Bottom Bikini is a stylish high waisted laser cut bottom and top with nude mesh detail in the high neck.

Yes, we did tell you above to buy three when you find that perfect suit, but don’t be afraid to try new styles and types of swimsuits. Technology is constantly changing and improving the simple swimsuit, so give them the benefit of the doubt and shop!

As the year’s change, your body changes too, so experimenting with new styles and types of swimwear

essential to finding what looks best on you now.

Lots of ladies know what style swimsuit looks good on them, and you tend to buy bathing suits that are very similar year after year, and there is nothing wrong with that, but be willing to change the style up with new prints, solids or even stripes. Check out what’s new this season and align your body style with a new style of suit. You never know when you’ll find a style or a type of suit that combines the comfort, fit, and a new style.

Take Care Of Your Swimsuits

Women’s swimsuits aren’t like other clothing. Between the damaging rays of the sun, salt water, sunscreen, chlorine and other chemicals, your bathing suit can take a beating. So make sure you show them some love and respect. They can’t just be thrown in a washer. They need to be taken care of to look pristine. Check out our recent post on extending the life and wear of your swimwear.

Keep It Classy

Becca Havana Halter Bikini

The Becca Havana Bikini is the perfect bikini for the fun and flirty with the bright colored pattern and classic fit.

Keeping it classy is not hard to do. Despite the lure of the lear, no woman wants to look cheap. Keep sophisticated in mind when your shopping. Rich colors and fun patterns are classy as are moderate and full bottom coverage. Classy yet seductive bikinis; yes. Skimpy itsy bitsy bikinis; no. Remember your worth and make sure your swimwear reflects that.

Buy A New Bathing Suit At Least Every Other Year

The more you wear it, the more your swimsuit will lose its elasticity and start to pull just like any other piece of clothing. Thanks to the spandex material, even if you take proper care of it, it will wear out faster (hint, elastic has a life span). Also, because of the exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt water the colors are much more likely to fade.

Wear It Proudly

One of thing that buying a swimsuit that fits you perfectly will do for you aside from looking great, make you feel great. Swimsuits are probably the most revealing garments you’ll wear in public. With a perfectly fit suit that reflects your personal style, you will have the confidence to wear it with a little flirt in your step and more than a little confidence. Find a swimsuit that emphasizes your best features and don’t worry about what you don’t love; they won’t even notice!

Ondademar Miranda Cruise Long Blue Dress VEL041/QUIS

Ondademar Miranda Cruise Long Blue Dress Item # VEL041/QUIS
– Deep v neck front
– Embroided and printed synthetic chiffon
– Polyester

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