How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit

If your primary purpose in going to the beach is to swim, surf, snorkel, or play volleyball, then all you really need for a good time is a swimsuit and waterproof sunscreen. But if your goal is more about seeing and being seen as you spend the whole day lounging under an umbrella with a cocktail permanently attached to your hand, then standard swimwear alone might not be enough. Assuming you already have sunglasses, try adding more flair to your look with these other cute and affordable swimsuit accessories:vitamin a bahama mama bryanna bralette

  • Hats: Sun hats of all shapes and sizes are very in right now, so it’s virtually impossible to go wrong in this department. From floppy straw hats to the more structured look of a Panama-inspired Vitamin A Sol Hat or a classic fedora, you have plenty of fab options to choose from on the South Beach Swimsuits site.
  • AthenaSOBEJewelry: Long, dangly earrings or oversized hoops are the perfect way to draw attention to your face, while stacked rings or bangles can help accentuate your swimwear. Belly chains are also hot these days, so consider wearing a simple one to add some sizzle to your favorite bikini.
  • Temporary Tattoos: If you’d rather not risk losing your jewelry at the beach, then consider temporary tattoos instead. We carry a wide selection of SoBe temporary tatts that are non-toxic, water resistant, and easy to apply, thereby making them ideal for beach goers. Select from metallic, henna, and southwestern designs.
  • Cover-ups: For those times when you want to duck into a store, restaurant, or hotel lobby without having to change, a cover-up can come in handy. Most women prefer loose, flowing cover-ups like the Ixtapa Tunic by Gottex or the Electro Lux Kimono from Lady Lux, but sheer ponchos and sarongs that show more skin are also extremely popular.

Just as with everyday outfits, a few well chosen accessories can transform your swimwear from ordinary to chic. Check out now to find everything you need to accessorize your bikini or one piece like a true fashionista.

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