Spring Getaway — Without the Spring Breakers

phax mursi orange underwire bandeau bikiniEven though the harshest days of winter have passed, the temperatures in your city probably haven’t yet warmed sufficiently to allow you to show off your new designer swimsuit. If you aren’t willing to wait for Mother Nature to do her thing and would rather travel to a sunny destination for spring break — minus the girls gone wild and drunken frat boys — we can’t say we blame you. Here are some useful tips on how to get the sand, sun, and romance you crave without the usual crowd of spring breakers:

  • Research your potential destinations carefully to see if they’re considered spring break hotspots that cater to college students. If so, you can usually find an equally attractive alternate destination within the same general area. For example, while Cancun and Daytona Beach are immediately off the table, Playa del Carmen and West Palm Beach are not.
  • Book a midweek departure to avoid running into large groups of rowdy spring breakers on the plane or in airports. College students typically want to make the most out of their allotted vacation days and thus tend to opt for a Friday departure.
  • If you must fly on Friday, try to upgrade to business class (or treat yourself to first class) since college students stick with economy class.
  • Although not all colleges and universities have the same spring break schedules, it’s possible to identify the most popular dates by checking online sources. For the 2016 academic year, a large number of schools will break from March 12 to March 20 or March 19 to March 27.
  • Choose lodging away from the beach. Even if you steer clear from the most popular spring break destinations, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be safe from all-night partiers. For a more romantic ambiance, skip the big name chain hotels and stay at a B&B or other local accommodations.

If you want your spring break to be less about beer pong and wet t-shirt contests and more about spending quality time with your romantic partner or family, then you’ll want to fit your trip outside the most common spring break dates, be smart about your flight plans, and avoid destinations that are popular with college kids. Though this might seem like a daunting task, it’s definitely doable if you follow our tips!

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