What You Need to Know About Shaving


If you’ve been less than diligent about shaving recently, you’re not alone. Many women skip out on regular hair removal in winter and allow themselves to go longer between sessions with the razor or wax. That’s perfectly fine for the end of February; but with spring due to arrive in just a few weeks, it’s time to get back into a good shaving routine that will reveal your smooth and flawless skin to the world. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Make sure your razor is clean and rust-free. Shaving with a dirty or rusty blade can result in a rash, bumps, or even infection if you cut yourself and allow bacteria to enter the wound.
  • Exfoliate the area to be shaved before you start using your razor. This not only promotes a smoother shave but also helps eliminate the redness and irritation that can stem from exfoliating afterward.
  • Do not use regular soap as a lubricant since the bubbles and residue will prevent your razor blade from making clean contact with hair. Stick with shaving gel, conditioner, or baby oil instead.
  • To reduce the chances of nicks and razor burn, shave “against the grain” with long, smooth strokes while refraining from going over the same area too many times.
  • Rinse and dry your razor after every use and store it in a cabinet or drawer outside the shower to prevent rust and extend blade life.
  • To ensure you never shave with a dull razor, replace disposables after three uses and replace the head on a reusable razor after six uses.
  • Consider waxing as an alternative to shaving for longer lasting smoothness. Yes, this is a more painful process, but most women agree the superior results are well worth any temporary discomfort.
  • These same principles apply to grooming the bikini area.

Looking fabulous at the beach comes down to more than just wearing your sexiest Gottex bikini or Vitamin A one piece. It also depends on having silky smooth skin, so start following these shaving tips every time you prep for a day in the sun.

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