Our Favorite Beach Accessories

Going to the beach is typically an exercise in minimalism. All you really need to enjoy the sand and sun is your favorite one piece or bikini, a bottle of sunscreen, and a fluffy towel, right?

Not so fast. While you can certainly get by with just those things, your day would be a lot more fun and comfortable if you bring along these useful beach accessories:

beach accessories

  • A cover up: Cover ups are great not only for commuting to and from the beach, but also for those times when you want to head into a beachside cafe or shop for some refreshments. We have cover ups in a variety of styles, including sarongs, hoodies, tunics, ponchos, and kimonos, so you can pick one to complement every swimsuit you own.
  • An oversized hat: Shading your head, face, and neck from the sun protects your skin and helps keep you cooler all day long. To accomplish this (and look tres chic in the process), check out our hand-woven panama hat by Vitamin A.
  • Sunglasses: Shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays is just as important as shielding your skin, so don’t leave home without a pair of AJ Morgan tortoise shell, Navajo, or Chevron sunglasses from South Beach Swimsuits.
  • A pair of flip flops: Walking barefoot on scorching hot sand is no treat, and neither is slicing your foot open on a sharp rock or stray shard of glass. Prevent both of those scenarios by slipping on a pair of rubber or suede flip flops for your outing.
  • A large tote bag: What’s the best way to transport all of these fabulous beach accessories? In a large tote, of course! And we have the perfect one in the Tribal Fire Weekender bag from PilyQ. It’s roomy enough for all your beach gear, and comes with two over-the-shoulder handles for easy carrying.

Make your next trip to the beach a great one by packing your tote with all the terrific accessories listed here. Visit SouthBeachSwimsuits.com now to start stocking up for summer!

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