Happy and Healthy Tips for Keeping Your Bikini Body Resolutions

dream itYou’ve decided to get in shape in time for swimsuit season. Towards that end, you’ve picked out several dream bikinis from South Beach Swimsuits and have plastered photos of them on your bathroom mirror and refrigerator for inspiration. You’ve made specific, attainable New Year’s resolutions regarding diet and exercise and have done your best to stick to them for the past week and a half.

But let’s be honest here: the novelty has worn off by now and your enthusiasm is beginning to flag. This is a perfectly normal response that nearly everyone goes through in the early stages of a lifestyle change. But instead of giving in and giving up, take a look at our happy and healthy tips for keeping your bikini body resolutions:

  • Change your routine: Using the same equipment and taking the same classes can get boring fast, so go ahead and try something different the next time you hit the gym. The same goes for what you eat. Healthy choices don’t have to be bland, so pick out some nutritious, low-calorie meal ideas from the Internet and whip them up in your spare time.
  • Push yourself, but don’t overdo it: While workouts do need to be challenging in order to be effective, bringing yourself to the brink of exhaustion in every gym session is a surefire recipe for burnout or injury. Exercising at a pace that feels “comfortably hard” will get the results you desire without all the risk.
  • Fuel your body with whole foods: If you’re feeling sluggish during your workouts, chances are you’re not eating enough or not fueling your body with whole foods. Be sure to consume enough calories for your activity level, and skip out on prepackaged food (such as cookies, cakes, bagels, and potato chips). Opt instead for whole foods that have gone through little to no processing, and drink plenty of water as well.
  • Reward yourself for reaching intermediate goals: Losing 25 or 50 pounds in a safe manner takes time. To stay motivated for the long haul, reward yourself for reaching intermediate goals such as losing the first 15 pounds or working up to running a mile without stopping.
  • Track your progress and give your program time to work: The best way to track weight loss or muscle building progress is to take measurements or photos. Once a month, measure your waistline, biceps, hips, thighs, and any other areas that you want to track so you can see your losses or gains right there on paper. And don’t get frustrated if you see very little progress—or even a slight regression—from time to time. Everyone hits that kind of wall; just keep working to bust right through it.

Whether you’ve been keeping your bikini body resolutions since the beginning of the year or are ready to start anew, these tips will help you stick with your program until you reach your ultimate goal. And once you do get that hot bikini body, be sure to treat yourself to some fabulous new swimwear from SouthBeachSwimsuits.com!

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