Bust or Go Home!

Hi friends!

It’s been awhile since we posted a blog but what better time to do one than just before summer! As I’m scrolling through my Facebook, I see an insane amount of statuses and pictures of people working out and trying to get into shape before the summer so they can get that “beach bod”. Let me get into my former cheerleading mode here.. “Yay! Go you go!” It’s awesome to see people eating healthier and getting into shape but as a swimsuit consultant I think to myself, “what’s the point of all that hard work if you don’t choose a swimsuit that flatters your body?” These next few posts I am going to go over the most flattering styles for different body shapes. This one happens to be for bigger busts because just this past weekend I saw a friend in a bikini top that just wasn’t doing her justice. Ladies, if you have DD boobs you do NOT need a VS bombshell top! You want a top that is going to flatter and compliment your boobs, so here goes… Being as I am a bustier gal myself, I feel so self conscious when it comes to bikinis. I need to accept that I will never ever look great in a skimp triangle top (sorry, these boobs are au naturel) and that if I do go with a bandeau top, I am GOING to need those removable straps unless I’m laying down and tanning. So where does that leave me and my DD’s? Surprisingly…there ARE options, and cute ones too.

L Space 2014 The Ruched Pebble Swimsuit MS03M14-PEB – This one piece is so flattering, it has removable soft cups and comfortable ties at the neck and you won’t be popping out all over the place. For some reason, one pieces are frowned upon if you’re young but you can definitely find ones that are stylish and flattering (we’ll get into that in another post)MS03M14_PEB





Vitamin A 2014 EcoLux Black Scarlett Underwire Bikini – This top has underwire and thick straps that tie around the neck to offer you support and a lift.







Profile by Gottex Blush 2014 Limoncello Underwire Flutter Bikini – The flutter style camouflages bigger busts and draws attention away from the bust area. Plus it has underwire AND goes up to an F cup







Maaji 2014 Minty Madness Bikini – it has a unique print that even reverses to 2 bikinis in 1. It has stylish multi strap detail and has a wide underbust so it’s going to give a lot of support.







And how can we forget the Sandoratto 2014 Monte Carlo Banded Halter Bikini that went viral on Pinterest? This top also has a very wide band under the bust to offer support.








So really, don’t be afraid to wear swimsuits if you have a bigger bust..just make sure you are wearing the right one that’s all!


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