It’s that time of year!! Fall is my absolute favorite season. The beautiful colors and cool weather, it’s hard to take it all in because before you know it the snow is falling.


Here’s a small list of things I like do to help appreciate this beautiful season:

1. Go apple picking, find an orchard that’s local to you and take your family for a day out. Click here for a list of the best apple orchards in America.

2. Make caramel apples with some of the apples you picked. What a yummy sweet treat for you and your family!

3. Carve and decorate a pumpkin! This is especially fun when you have kids, make sure you lay down a lot of newspaper for easy clean up.

4. Save those pumpkin seeds that you scooped out and roast them for a fun and quick snack.

5. Go for a hay ride. What’s an easier, more relaxing way to enjoy the scenery than a nice hay ride through the farm?

6.  Visit a corn maze! What a great and fun way to “get lost” with your family. Click here to find your local corn maze.

7.  Rake the leaves up and jump into the pile!! Make sure you take lots of pictures!

8. Go to the local fairs! Look online for all the local fairs that are coming your way. Big one? The Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

9. Take your family to a haunted trail, hayride or house. Get spooked together! Click here for a list of the best 13 haunted houses in America in 2012.

10. Slow down. After all the craziness of summer, take a moment to enjoy the brisk autumn air, the smell of the leaves, the coolness of evening, and savor each moment with your family!

Autumn Leaves

I hope this list is useful to you guys and you get a chance to enjoy this Autumn season!

Love, peace and happiness = *Minh


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