Caring for your Swimsuit

Ever get that amazing bikini and a few washes and wears later, it doesn’t fit right or isn’t as glamorous as you first got it anymore?

Here are a few tips from South Beach Swimsuits on how to properly care for your suit:

1. When applying sunscreen, tanning oils, or cosmetics, they can come into contact with your swimsuit. This causes the colors to fade. If you do get a little product on your suit, rinse it in water ASAP! Best tip? Apply your products in your birthday suit (whoo whoo!) and allow yourself to dry properly before you put your bikini on.


2. Take if off, girl! Perspiration and body oils react with the elasticity of the fibers causing them to stretch so removing them as soon as possible is important. As soon as your take off your suit, soak it in cold water immediately! Making this a habit will help the suit to maintain it’s brightness as well as it’s elasticity.

Scrunching Suit
3. After rinsing out the suit, you must wash it. Plain water does not remove all the salt or chlorine. Refill the sink with cool water and add a capful of our Summer Solutions Sand and Surf Swimsuit Cleaner. Never use bleach! Gently wash your suit in the water, working the suds through the fabric. Gently squeeze – don’t wring – the water out of the fabric. Spread your suit flat to dry in a spot out of direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can both fade and break down the fibers in your suit. Never use a washer or a dryer, this is especially important if you have jewels, gems or chains on your bikini!

summer solutions 2

4. It is also super important to protect your swimsuit. South Beach Swimsuit’s Summer Solutions Swim Suit Rinse is a fast and easy way to extend the life of your swimsuit. The swim suit rinse removes chlorine and its odor. It also removes spa chemicals and leaves your suit fresh and clean.

summer solutions


Love, Minh

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