I can’t hate on Miley

Work it girl

Work it girl

I’m sure you guys have heard everything there is to hear about Miley’s performance at the MTV VMA’s the other night so of course I need to put my two cents in. I love her fearless style, you just can’t fake that confidence. The high waist bikini that she rocked on stage that night was one-of-a-kind! This bathing suit style has made a huge comeback with the 2013 season and I love, love, love it!! There’s just something to the vintage look that is so glamorous.  High waist bikinis are a perfect way to still rock a bikini confidently, because we are all not shaped like Giselle Bundchen. If you’re not sure where to get a high waist bikini, of course I know the perfect place. So whether you are shaped like an apple, pear or whichever kind of fruit they use these days, a high waist bikini is always sure to please!

*love, Minh

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