Skimpy Bikinis from Luli Fama

Luli Fama for 2013 has designed some very skimpy bikinis!  If you’re planning on heading off to a warm tropical island for the winter, you might want to see what Luli Fama is swimming in.


Luli Fama is a swimwear brand that’s definitely not afraid of a skimpy bikini or to show a little skin on the beach!  Their bikinis offer little to barely-there bottom coverage, and you’ll find that even the tops run on the smaller side for coverage.  The bikini shown above is one of the skimpiest for 2013 and the wavy edges with the bright colors make it a really fun bikini for the beach.


If you’ve ever headed to one of the Caribbean Islands and thought you would just bring your usually one piece swimsuit, think again!  Tropical beaches are known for baring it all.  Very rarely will you see women covered up.


So don’t be afraid to throw on a skimpy bikini for your vacation destination, because you just might find everyone else is doing the same.

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