Badgley Mischka Swim

Badgley Mischka Swim came about in an unusual way. Two men, one from Wisconsin and the other from Illinois, James and Mark respectively, end up meeting in New York City and forming a high end designer line together. From country to city to designer swimwear. Read on to find out how Badgley Mischka came to be.

In 1982, Mark Badgley started going to the University of Southern California and then decided to change to Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. James Mischka originially studied at Rice University and was planning to major in bio-engineering. His goal was to design artifical limbs but during a semester off from school, changed his course to study fashion in New York City. The future designer duo meet at Parsons and in 1985 they graduate together. Both go off into the city to design for other major fashion brands.

In 1988, Mark and James come together again to launch their own designer line. The designer pair with the help of their families obtain a New York City apartment to live and work out of. Within a year they receive the Mouton Cadet Young Designer award for their stylish evening collection. By 1992, the brand Badgley Mischka is purchased by Escada, a large fashion house. That same year Badgley Mischka wins the Dallas International Apparel Rising Star award.

Throughout the 1990’s Badgley Mischka really breaks into the Hollywood circuit. Badgley Mischka is seen on everyone from Winona Ryder to Will Smith. During this time Badgley Mischka expands their designer brand to include a bridal and accessories collection. They also have their designs featured on Vogue covers and at the Oscars.

In mid 2000 the designers’ luck is far from running out. September of that year they open their first boutique on Rodeo Drive. The following years equal nothing but success for Badgley Mischka, as they go on to win the Marymount University’s Designer of the Year award, have a Barbie Doll created in their honor and become judges on Project Runway the T.V. show.
In 2007, after Jordin Sparks is seen winning American Idol wearing a Badgley Mischka gown, the designer duo finally expand their fashion line to include Badgley Mishka Swim. Gorgeous designer swimwear is created in jewel tones and deep blacks with sparkling crystals and accents. The designer swimwear line is a success after being revealed at the Miami Swimwear show.
Today Badgley Mischka carries everything from designer swimwear to fragrance and eyewear. A true lifestyle brand that came from two country boys who by unlikely chances met in New York City. You can find Badgley Mischka in high end department stores across the United States, and you can find Badgley Mischka Swim at South Beach Swimsuits.

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