PilyQ 2013

New PilyQ for 2013!  A newer brand to the swimwear market but one of my favorites is PilyQ.  It’s a cute and fun swimwear line, and they’ve got a lot of stylish pieces.  My favorite bikini from the new PilyQ swimwear collection is the purple bandeau bikini shown below in the middle.  It’s girlie and boho with a really deep rich purple.

PilyQ offers a lot of skimpy bikinis.  So these aren’t for the modest girl.  If you don’t mind showing a little extra skin on the sand, you will love this brand!  As far as styles go, PilyQ focuses on halter tops and bandeau bikinis with fun prints and details.  Many of the 2013 bikinis have a chain link detail along the sides of the bikini bottoms.  Grab these at South Beach Swimsuits!


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