Designer Swimwear from Maryan Mehlhorn

This week our feature designer is Maryan Mehlhorn.  She owns the designer swimwear line, Maryan Mehlhorn that run by her and her daughter, Maya Mehlhorn.  The brand has been around since the 1940’s and the mother-daughter team has knowingly combined the traditional swimwear shapes with creative and slimming fabrics.

The swimwear brand was started in 1946 and Maryan Mehlhorn was working there as a senior designer.  Sometime during the 40’s and 50’s, the brand developed a corset that after being shown as a World Fair, became an instant success and was known as the “it” item to have.  After the 1950’s, there were restrictions places on the use of metals, the company looked to the swimwear market.  Maryan Mehlhorn became a true pioneer into this new industry of the times.  By the late 70’s Maryan had turned the company and brand’s focus solely on designer swimwear.

During the 80s and 90s, Maryan used the success of her swimwear to continue to expand her brand.  She added three additional brands, all under the Mehlhorn Swimwear name.  Creating her own house of fashion with resort and swimwear.  Through out this period, Charmline (a swimwear brand under the Maryan Mehlhorn roof) was established.  The new brand gained instant success with its use of a brand new fabric called microforming fabric.  This fabric was created just for Maryan Mehlhorn’s new swimwear line.  The fabric would earn three awards for it’s innovative and slimming properties.

This wasn’t the last of awards that Maryan Mehlhorn would see.  The designer swimwear brand was given the Business Award in 2009, named Designer of the Year in 2010, and Swimwear Brand of the Year in 2011.  This present year, Maryan Mehlhorn was given the SOUS award for her cleverly shaped swimwear line.

Maryan Mehlhorn is now coming out with her 2013 designer swimwear collection and we’re only happy to share it with you.  All pictures in this post are a sneak peek of what you’ll see hitting South Beach Swimsuits later this year.  Maryan Mehlhorn is also working with makeup brand, Babor, to distribute a wonderful collection of makeup that includes a tanning foam.

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