Top 5 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

The Summer still isn’t over and August can be one of the hottest months of the year.  Check out these basic ways to beat the heat and keep cool this Summer!

1.  An ice cold glass of lemonade.  I’m not sure what makes a simple mix of lemon and water so refreshing but it works!

2.  Beach umbrellas are always a must when hitting the beach.  Not only do they give your family or friends an easy way to spot you, but a shady spot that’s out of the sun and out of heat.

3.  Summer dresses that are made from a light weight material will keep you cool and stylish.

4.  Go barefoot!  I’m not sure why I see people on the beach wearing sneakers and socks.  Not only do I consider this a fashion faux-pas but it’s way too hot.  A stylish pair of sandals is the way to go if your feet can’t take the hot sand.

5.  Bring a fan.  Even if you’re not at home and don’t have access to electricity, there are plenty of portable fans to give you a breeze.


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