About Trina Turk

Get to know more about Trina Turk! Trina Turk is a lifestyle designer known for her bold prints and bright color choices. Trina is a west coast girl, from California. Since the age of 11, Trina was sewing and creating designs. After graduating from the University of Washington, she found her beginnings at Britannia Jeans. Later she would create designs for the surfing culture that populated the west coast.

Trina had always known she wanted a designer clothing line of her own. After years of working for designer brands, she felt it was time to fulfill her dream. Together, Trina and her husband Jonathan Skow, started Trina Turk in 1995. The line had immediate success and can still be found in larger high-end department stores across the United States. This success led Trina to open her very own boutique in Palm Springs during 2002. She would go on to open many more across the country, including New York City and Los Angeles. It was clear that Trina Turk had turned a little girl’s dream into a million dollar reality.

During 2007, Trina started creating her own line of swimwear, Trina Turk Swim. Trina wanted her new designer swimwear to not only be wearable but to also incorporate the feel of the Trina Turk brand. Trina mixed classic American looks with ethnic designs. The swimwear line was a success and Trina continued plunging into home decor and accessories.
Trina consistently took inspiration from the things around her. Many of those things could be found in her own closet. She took inspiration for Trina Turk Swimwear from her vintage jewelry pieces when she was designing her swimwear line. Instead of the boring hardware found on most swimsuits at the time, Trina replaced it with bejeweled designs. People took note, and before long it was apparent that Trina had started a swimwear trend.

Trina Turk has always wanted the purpose behind her brand to be simple. She wants it to represent the Cali lifestyle with optimist-ism, and accessible chic. Everything that Trina designs and creates are inspired by pieces that she loves. She draws lots of inspiration from the 60s and 70s, which becomes apparent when you see her large use of geometric prints and bright color choices.

Always out doing herself, Trina Turk has created stunning designer swimwear for 2012. When you see the bikinis, you’ll find lots of prints that are reminiscent of the Mediterranean and the countries that surround it. Don’t miss out on the poolside paisley and Moroccan patterns for Summer!

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