Spanx Swim

Meet Sara Blakely, the amazing woman behind the well known brand, Spanx. Spanx is a brand that has become notorious with slimming undergarments and body-shaping construction. Now Spanx has come to the swimwear market to revolutionize the way women look and feel about their swimsuits.

Sara started her journey with a pair of white pants. She needed something to wear under them, that wouldn’t show. She finally resorted to cutting a pair of panty hose. The idea for Spanx was born. Sara researched for weeks to try and figure out how to pantent her idea. After finding a lawyer who decided to help her, she finally was able to patent her innovative idea. However, she still needed to find someone to manufacteur them. She had a hard time finding some one who believed in her idea and would manufacteur it for her. After weeks of looking for some one, she finally found a manufacteur who believed in her.
Ever wonder where the name Spanx came from? Sara used to be a stand up comedian and in the world of comedy, words that have a strong K sound tend to make people laugh. Orginially the name Spanx was going to be Spanks, after more consideration she changed the KS to a K, to make the name more unique and recgonizable.

Next Sara wanted to come up with a unique packaging. Wanting her Spanx to stand out from the crowd and the rest of the panty hose. Once she had her packaging and prototype for the Spanx product, she called a buyer at a large department store. She talked her way into a meeting and by showing the buyer her own before and after. She followed up by going to every major department store and doing to same thing.

When Sara first started she didn’t have any money to fund an advertising department. Taking to the road to promote Spanx, Sara went from store to store, introducing Spanx to customers and sales associates. She would show her product to anyone that would give her a minute of their time. Sooner than later, Spanx was being featured on shows like Oprah Winfrey, CNN and more! Not to mention, Spanx made its way into some very well-known magazines like In Style, Vogue and Glamour.

After creating her well known Spanx undergarments, Sara has now begun creating Spanx Swim. Bringing her body construction to swimwear, women everywhere have been overjoyed. The slimming bathing suits have hit it big in the swimwear market this season. Not only are the swimsuits slimming and full of body construction but they are stylish and perfect for the beach bound woman.

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