Top 3 Swimsuit Styles You Shouldn’t Overlook

It’s all too often when trying on swimsuits we head towards the same old style we bought last year and the year before.  Even if it’s not the best fit for our bodies.  As women, I think we tend to do this in other aspects of our lives as well.  How many times have you bought a pair of jeans because of the designer’s name even though they didn’t fit properly?  It’s important to understand the style of swimsuit that will look good on you before you go swimsuit shopping.  Check out these top 3 swimsuit styles that you might have overlooked and reasons why you should give them a try.

1.  Wrap Swimsuit

A wrap swimsuit has added design appeal.  You won’t find this cut on every Jane, Jessica and Jen on the beach.  The wrap detail will help keep this top in place when splashing in the waves and also allows the bikini top to be adjustable around.  You can play with the fabric lengths and adjust them higher or lower depending on the look you want.




2.  One Shoulder Swimsuit

The one shoulder swimsuit is the perfect way to show a little more skin but still staying in the comforts of a one piece swimsuit.  These types of swimsuits are good for smaller busts that don’t require extra support.  This one shoulder swimsuit has beading detail along the top, pair it with a long Summer skirt and you’re ready to head to the pool in style!




3.  Cut Out Swimsuit

If you’re long and lean and looking for some added curves this is the swimsuit style for you.  The cut out swimsuit enhances the bust and bootie while at the same time bringing the waist in.  This swimsuit from Becca is the perfect example of what the cut out swimsuit can do for you.

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