Karla Colletto Swim – A Story of Designer Bathing Suits

Karla Colletto made her break into the fashion industry over 25 years ago. She went to school in New England and started off by creating custom sports wear and bridal gowns. After meeting Lisa Rovan, Karla asked her to become her business partner and the Karla Colletto Swim Company was established. This was perfect timing since the bathing suit market was just starting off. Karla Colletto decided to use one of a kind fabrics with special details and eye-pleasing cut outs. Soon there would be a strong market just for her designer swimsuit creations.

Karla was greatly inspired by the technology available to help create designer swimsuits. Designer swimwear was no longer bound by stretchy fabric, and what one could do with a simple needle and thread. Karla loved the computer-generated images and contemporary textiles she was able to obtain. The Karla Colletto Swim line is known for using fashion forward fabrics ahead of the crowd and trying out cutting-edge techniques. Karla has even been combining fabrics and methods to further innovate her designer swimwear line.

Karla Colletto swimsuits are known for being luxurious, this is in part due to the gorgeous Italian fabrics, deep colors and stunning prints. It is also because Karla adds custom details and hardware. For instance, adding more texture or creating a unique shape for a swimsuit, something that no one else has thought of, allows Karla Colletto bathing suits to stand above the rest. Her swimsuits are known for their color contrasts and exciting cut outs.

Karla Colletto is an American designer who keeps each collection made in-house to make sure that the Karla Colletto standard is met for every single swimsuit. The once said dressmaker lends her custom creations now to designer bathing suits and gives each swimsuit the same attention she once did to bridal dresses. Karla Colletto just isn’t about high quality manufacturing but has also developed a simple but fashion-forward cuts and included breaking-ground construction built into the swimsuits themselves. There is always something smart and striking about the Karla Colleto Swimwear line that women gravitate towards.

Every season, Karla Colletto will reinvent her swimwear line. This ensures that the designer swimwear line keeps up with the forever forging fashion industry and offers customers fresh pieces each season. Karla tries hard to make each season’s line not just wearable but unforgettable to customers and to the people in the fashion industry.

Not only does Karla Colletto combine her history of traditional tailoring with contemporary techniques but she also ensures that her designer swimwear is made in the U.S.A. Karla is an American designer you won’t want to miss out on this season.

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