Luli Fama

Lourdes “Luli” Hanimian is the designer behind Luli Fama. Luli had a strong desire to become a designer in the fashion industry. Growing up in Miami inspired Luli, and helped cultivate her interest in swimwear.

Luli started Luli Fama with her brother-in-law, Augusto Hanimian. Both had been working for Augusto’s aunt {a swimwear designer} in the early 1990’s. Through out the next few years, Luli and Augusto would gain experience and access into the fashion and swimwear industry. In 1993, they started Cover Style, which was a junior line. Then in 2003, Luli Fama Swim was started.

Luli and Augusto were very inspired by Cuba. They chose bright colors and tones based on the Cuba scenery and the Caribbean beaches for the Luli Fama line. Taking from the flowers and wild life around them, then adding their own details such as ruffles, crystals, and lace. Later on Luli and Augusto would be inspired by the South Beach nightlife, adding more vivid prints and glimmering metallics into the Luli Fama swimwear line.

The name Luli Fama comes from Lourdes’ nickname, “Luli” and the Spanish word for fame, Fama. Luli says, “It was a joke among my friends that I always wanted to be famous, so we thought Luli Fama would be the perfect name for the line.” Today one could say that Luli has acheieved this. Her swimwear can be spotted on many celebrities and in fashion magazines around the globe. Luli thinks the key to her success is that she understands her customer. “You can’t be everything to everybody. You have to have a niche and stay true to your consumer by providing a look in the highest quality possible.”

Luli Fama is known for their bold patterns and extremely flattering cuts. The brand incorporates a mix of colors and patterns to create its own unique look. Every Luli Fama swimsuit is handmade to fit snug on the body. The company only uses the highest quality materials and always offers all over support. Luli Fama also provides a variety of coverage for their bikini bottoms, so you can be as modest or daring as you want. The bikini tops come in a wide range as well. Including halter tops, one shoulder bathing suits, bandeaus and triangle tops. The Luli Fama monokini has become infamous with its’ cut out sides and fashion forward prints. That’s not all Luli Fama offers. Luli Fama Swimwear just isn’t swimwear anymore. You can find tunics, rompers and cover ups that will take you from a beach day to a night out.

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