L Space Swimwear

Meet Monica Wise, the creative director and designer of L Space Swimwear. After moving to Florida in 1979, Monica spent her time surfing. Interested in the surf shops and design, she started working in retail. This eventual led to designing and creating her own swimwear line.

“I knew I would start my own line when I moved to Florida [in 1979]. I was inspired by the tan, toned bodies and the amazing scenery. I love everything about warm-weather climate so it was inevitable that I’d design swimwear.”

Monica has been greatly inspired by Florida’s surf culture but also inspired by the mod 60’s, which is evident in the patterns and prints among this season’s line. “Originally, L*SPACE was a “surf inspired” brand, and catered mostly to the Jr. market offering mixing and matching separates. We still stay true to the mix and match mentality but now, we’ve grown with our original consumers and have entered into a more contemporary swim market, which is great for us. I think our brand still appeals to that Junior girl that wants to dress more contemporary and that contemporary woman who wants to look and feel sexy. It’s a great place to be.”

The name L Space comes from Monica’s favorite things. She says, “I thought about some of the things I liked to do: Laugh, Lounge, Love, Live…and it just came to me.  L*SPACE.  I feel like it can mean many things to many people and there’s not a right or wrong.  Just like our suits, you can wear them any way you like by mixing and matching and it becomes special to the individual wearing it.”

L Space swimwear has been described as glamorous, beach chic and fashion-forward. So it’s no surprise that L Space has won swimwear brand of the year, four years consecutively. Also in 2010, Monica Wise was awarded designer of year.

Monica continues to be inspired and design from her Corona de Mar beach bungalow in California. She enjoys her beach lifestyle and always finds inspiration in the sunny side of life.

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