Swimsuits & Beach Fashion Accessories 2016

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Summer is here, and there is no better reason to hit the beach. So get ready to put on your best beachwear and enjoy the unlimited sunshine. However, if you are still not sure what to wear or how to accessorize it to have the most fun at the beach then here is your guide to the best swimsuits and beach fashion accessories in 2016.

Bikinis are all time favorites and top the list of must-have swimwear. Stylish and trendy bikinis are great to raise your fashion quotient without doing much. Cute bikinis come in various designs and patterns, to suit the taste of all. No matter what your personal style may by, you can be sure to find bikinis as per your preference.

Feeling sporty? Then active swimsuits are just the thing for you. Comfort is crucial, but that does not mean you have to compromise on style. Active swimsuits combine both, making you look utterly glamorous while swimming and surfing. For our friends who always have to struggle to find swimsuits that fit well on their figure, full figure range is what they should try on. It is time to stop being defined by your size and start feeling incredible. These suits off plenty of support and are sure to make you look fabulous.

Besides these several other varieties of swimwear are available in stores these days. Take your pick from the skirted ones, if you want coverage. Plenty of colors and styles are available to choose from, along with various skirt styles and lengths. Cut out is another famous style of swimsuits, which is equally fashionable and comfortable. It is distinguishable by a cut in front, and bikini back.

Accessorize your beach looks with right kind of accessories. So, here is a list of accessories you can team up with your swimsuits and flaunt your best beach look.

Bags are equally fashionable and essential to keep track of your items safely. Colorful bags in different sizes are fun and convenient to carry around. The next important accessory is beach towels. Whether you wish to lie around on the beach or wrap yourself after swimming, these towels will serve various purposes while making you look trendy at the same time. From plain ones to the colorful floral patterns, there is no limit to the design options.

To make your look even more fun and trendy, go for interesting options like headbands, necklaces, and bracelets. Colorful headbands are great to keep your hair in place while you spend fun moments at the beach. Necklaces and bracelets with glass beads will add a fun touch to your look.

Sunglasses and hats are essential to keep yourself safe from direct sun rays while spending time at the beach. Sunglasses in various shapes and designs, along with straw and fabric hats will ensure that you stay comfortable.

The list mentioned above of swimsuits and beach fashion accessories will act as a helpful guide to put your look together for the next time you want to visit the beach with your friends and family.

Why High-Quality Swimwear is So Worth It

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vitamin a neutra bikiniWhen shopping for swimwear, you might be tempted to purchase the first $20 bikini you find in your size at the nearest big box store. After all, you’re just buying a few square inches of material; how much difference can there be from one brand to the next? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

High-quality swimsuits have several distinct characteristics that separate them from cheap versions. Among the most important ones to consider are the following:

Superb fit- Swimwear is meant to be worn in public, yet it exposes so much more of the body than other types of clothing. As a result, the swimsuit needs to compress and reveal in just the right spots to make the wearer look and feel fantastic, all sauvage multi strapwhile remaining securely in place during swimming, diving, and similar activities. This glove-like fit, as seen in the Vitamin A Neutra bikini, can only be achieved by expert designers whose skills come at a premium.

Technical fabrics– Quality swimwear is made with a blend of technical fabrics that often includes Lycra or Spandex. These materials cost more than ordinary cotton or nylon and, due to their stretchability, require special sewing machines to ensure stability through the manufacturing process and beyond. When you look at an intricate design like the Sauvage Cortina Multi-strap bikini, you can begin to appreciate the complexity involved in making top level swimwear.

Durability- PilyQ Romance BikiniHigh-quality swimwear should last for more than one season. This means the one piece or bikini must be constructed in such a way that it withstands the ravages of sand, sun, salt, and chlorine, as well as the wear and tear of activities like swimming, diving, volleyball, and surfing. The durability of the suit depends not only on the fabric, but also on any secondary elements such as underwires, padding, hardware, and beaded details—as seen in the PilyQ Romance Embroidered bikini. Each element must be crafted of superior materials to promote resilience and a longer lifespan.

There’s a time and place to go cheap on wardrobe items, but a bikini is not one of them. Treat yourself to well designed and expertly constructed swimwear from SouthBeachSwimsuits.com so you can experience firsthand the difference quality makes.


How to Accessorize Your Swimsuit

If your primary purpose in going to the beach is to swim, surf, snorkel, or play volleyball, then all you really need for a good time is a swimsuit and waterproof sunscreen. But if your goal is more about seeing and being seen as you spend the whole day lounging under an umbrella with a cocktail permanently attached to your hand, then standard swimwear alone might not be enough. Assuming you already have sunglasses, try adding more flair to your look with these other cute and affordable swimsuit accessories:vitamin a bahama mama bryanna bralette

  • Hats: Sun hats of all shapes and sizes are very in right now, so it’s virtually impossible to go wrong in this department. From floppy straw hats to the more structured look of a Panama-inspired Vitamin A Sol Hat or a classic fedora, you have plenty of fab options to choose from on the South Beach Swimsuits site.
  • AthenaSOBEJewelry: Long, dangly earrings or oversized hoops are the perfect way to draw attention to your face, while stacked rings or bangles can help accentuate your swimwear. Belly chains are also hot these days, so consider wearing a simple one to add some sizzle to your favorite bikini.
  • Temporary Tattoos: If you’d rather not risk losing your jewelry at the beach, then consider temporary tattoos instead. We carry a wide selection of SoBe temporary tatts that are non-toxic, water resistant, and easy to apply, thereby making them ideal for beach goers. Select from metallic, henna, and southwestern designs.
  • Cover-ups: For those times when you want to duck into a store, restaurant, or hotel lobby without having to change, a cover-up can come in handy. Most women prefer loose, flowing cover-ups like the Ixtapa Tunic by Gottex or the Electro Lux Kimono from Lady Lux, but sheer ponchos and sarongs that show more skin are also extremely popular.

Just as with everyday outfits, a few well chosen accessories can transform your swimwear from ordinary to chic. Check out SouthBeachSwimsuits.com now to find everything you need to accessorize your bikini or one piece like a true fashionista.

Your Guide to the LBB

south beach swimsuits little black bikini

Just as the little black dress is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe because of its versatility and suitability for all occasions, the little black bikini deserves a place in your swimwear drawer for the same reasons. Having the right LBB ensures you’ll perfectly stylish whether you’re attending a friend’s backyard barbecue and pool party or lounging on a luxury yacht off the coast of Ibiza, so if you don’t have one yet, now is the time to start browsing the options at SouthBeachSwimsuits.com. Here’s a brief guide on what to look for in a LBB.

Material accents

A great way to make sure your LBB stands out from the crowd is to select one that incorporates embroidery, mesh, lace, or macrame accents. For example, lacy bottoms like the PilyQ Diva Lexi shorts or bandeau tops with macrame details as seen in the Despi black bikini will establish you as trendy and fashionable.

Bold cutouts and silhouettes

You don’t have to stick to classic bikini top and bottom shapes when choosing your go-to LBB. For the more daring and flamboyant among you, consider purchasing swimwear featuring bold cutouts and silhouettes, such as the Sauvage Lavish laser cut triangle top and low rise bottom.

Flattering fit

The most important characteristic of your LBB is the way it fits your body type. Do you need extra support at the bust? Do you have a to-die-for butt that you wish to highlight or a tummy pooch that you want to minimize? Not every bikini can accomplish these feats, so be sure to buy one that will best flatter you.

Swimsuit season is almost here, which means pool parties, beach outings, and resort stays are just around the corner. Start shopping for the perfect little black bikini now so you’ll be ready for every event on your calendar.

The Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


Sunglasses do more than reduce the glare of bright sunshine and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They also serve as a versatile fashion accessory that go with everything from bikinis and resort wear to jeans and formal attire. But in order to get the most out of your sunglasses, it’s important to find a pair that matches your face shape. Here are some tips on how to choose correctly:

Round face
If your face lacks defined angles while showing noticeable curves, then it may be called round. A round face benefits most from eyewear featuring sharp lines and square or rectangle lenses for an overall lengthening effect. Our AJ Morgan Time (in tortoise or black), Topsy, and Boom sunglasses are a good place to start.

Heart-shaped face
A heart-shaped face is one that is wide across the temples and narrows almost to a point at the chin. If this describes your face, we recommend selecting sunglasses with rimless frames or rounded edges, such as AJ Morgan’s Long Island model featured at South Beach Swimsuits.

Square face
Do you have a broad forehead and a strong horizontal jawline? Are the length and width measurements of your face approximately the same? If so, then you have a square face that would be best served by sunglasses that soften your features, such as aviators or anything with round lenses.

Oval face
An oval face is longer than it is wide and typically has high cheekbones, symmetric features, and a mildly curved jawline. This face shape looks great with any style of sunglasses—including angular, round, square, sport, and cat eye—provided the frames are not too big or too small. For best results, aim for sunglasses that cover the eyebrows and extend to the cheekbones.

Now that you know which sunglasses are right for your face shape, be sure to stop by SouthBeachSwimsuits.com to view our current eyewear lineup and purchase your favorites!

Spring Getaway — Without the Spring Breakers

phax mursi orange underwire bandeau bikiniEven though the harshest days of winter have passed, the temperatures in your city probably haven’t yet warmed sufficiently to allow you to show off your new designer swimsuit. If you aren’t willing to wait for Mother Nature to do her thing and would rather travel to a sunny destination for spring break — minus the girls gone wild and drunken frat boys — we can’t say we blame you. Here are some useful tips on how to get the sand, sun, and romance you crave without the usual crowd of spring breakers:

  • Research your potential destinations carefully to see if they’re considered spring break hotspots that cater to college students. If so, you can usually find an equally attractive alternate destination within the same general area. For example, while Cancun and Daytona Beach are immediately off the table, Playa del Carmen and West Palm Beach are not.
  • Book a midweek departure to avoid running into large groups of rowdy spring breakers on the plane or in airports. College students typically want to make the most out of their allotted vacation days and thus tend to opt for a Friday departure.
  • If you must fly on Friday, try to upgrade to business class (or treat yourself to first class) since college students stick with economy class.
  • Although not all colleges and universities have the same spring break schedules, it’s possible to identify the most popular dates by checking online sources. For the 2016 academic year, a large number of schools will break from March 12 to March 20 or March 19 to March 27.
  • Choose lodging away from the beach. Even if you steer clear from the most popular spring break destinations, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be safe from all-night partiers. For a more romantic ambiance, skip the big name chain hotels and stay at a B&B or other local accommodations.

If you want your spring break to be less about beer pong and wet t-shirt contests and more about spending quality time with your romantic partner or family, then you’ll want to fit your trip outside the most common spring break dates, be smart about your flight plans, and avoid destinations that are popular with college kids. Though this might seem like a daunting task, it’s definitely doable if you follow our tips!

What You Need to Know About Shaving


If you’ve been less than diligent about shaving recently, you’re not alone. Many women skip out on regular hair removal in winter and allow themselves to go longer between sessions with the razor or wax. That’s perfectly fine for the end of February; but with spring due to arrive in just a few weeks, it’s time to get back into a good shaving routine that will reveal your smooth and flawless skin to the world. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Make sure your razor is clean and rust-free. Shaving with a dirty or rusty blade can result in a rash, bumps, or even infection if you cut yourself and allow bacteria to enter the wound.
  • Exfoliate the area to be shaved before you start using your razor. This not only promotes a smoother shave but also helps eliminate the redness and irritation that can stem from exfoliating afterward.
  • Do not use regular soap as a lubricant since the bubbles and residue will prevent your razor blade from making clean contact with hair. Stick with shaving gel, conditioner, or baby oil instead.
  • To reduce the chances of nicks and razor burn, shave “against the grain” with long, smooth strokes while refraining from going over the same area too many times.
  • Rinse and dry your razor after every use and store it in a cabinet or drawer outside the shower to prevent rust and extend blade life.
  • To ensure you never shave with a dull razor, replace disposables after three uses and replace the head on a reusable razor after six uses.
  • Consider waxing as an alternative to shaving for longer lasting smoothness. Yes, this is a more painful process, but most women agree the superior results are well worth any temporary discomfort.
  • These same principles apply to grooming the bikini area.

Looking fabulous at the beach comes down to more than just wearing your sexiest Gottex bikini or Vitamin A one piece. It also depends on having silky smooth skin, so start following these shaving tips every time you prep for a day in the sun.